Peggy Sue Smith, Soul-Level Life Coach.  Peggy Sue Smith

Awake & Aware Living is (for a limited time) a FREE Book of Soul-level Life Coaching for Souls With Bodies! Reading these 41 pages can help transform your mind into an instrument of awareness for spiritual living. Along with instructions for releasing stored emotional pain that creates dis-ease. How to always have enough, and feel like you are enough. (Click on FREE BOOK in landscape photo, above)


Soul-Level Life Coaching  and Group Presentations available by appointment. For information or contact: E-Mail InDreams2@earthlink.net


Have you ever said, “I wish I knew my Life Purpose… Why am I here?

Now, finally, you can order an 8-10 page Soul Purpose Roadmap answering that question! Based on prenatal solar and lunar eclipses in place at birth, informational insight is provided that will both surprise and amaze you. It’s accuracy is impressive.

Just as regular astrology provides information about the human Personality, Spiritual Astrology provides information about the Soul. For years, regular astrology has been available. Until now, there was no source of Soulful information. Yes, reference books existed, but to create a format suitable for study, one had to spend a good four hours researching and typing.

When I  discovered the benefit and value of Soul Purpose Roadmaps, I began creating and gifting them…to friends and family. With retirement I decided a good use of time would be creating a data base allowing a Roadmap for everyone interested in self-discovery! Let my resourcefulness provide the answer to your question: What is my Life Purpose?

Order Soul Purpose Roadmaps using Pay Pal, $35. E-mail Birthdate to InDreams2@Earthlink.net. Roadmaps arrive via e-mail. Identity theft issues alleviated by not providing a name, just a birthdate. 

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